Folsom Fire Company

2015 Table Officers

Monday, January 12, 2015 10:00 The following members are the table officers for 2015

 President:                              Kathy Salmieri

Vice President                        Joe Carollo

Treasure                                 Joe Steinbacher

Secretary                                Scott Kreamer



2015 Board Of Directors

Monday, January 12, 2015 10:00 The Following Members will serve on the Board Of Directors for the year 2015.

Joe Carollo, Joe Steinbacher, Ed Grossmann, Ben Salmieri, Tom Jenkins, Mike McNeely and Dave Brosnan., President of the Board of Directors, Kathy Salmieri.



2014 Top 10 Responders

Monday, January 12, 2015 10:00 The following is a list of Responders for 2014:

1.   Joe Carollo            Deputy Chief        98

2.   Ben Salmieri         Chief                      87

3.   Tom Jenkins         FF                           83

4.   Scott Kreamer      LT                           77

5.   Brian Horst           FF                           75

6.   Bob Drake             FP                          68

7.   Ed Grossmann   Battalion Chief          51

8.   Jim McAleer           FF                         44

9.   Adam Hawkins     FF                           43

10. Pete Hinkleman   FP                            37



2014 Yearly Report

Monday, January 12, 2015 10:00 The following report is a summary of calls for the year 2014 that Station 18, Folsom Fire Co responded to

Total calls for 2014               169     84 Day      85 Night

The company was in service for 92 Hrs and 38 Minutes

Calls responding to: 22 House, 10 Apartments, 10 Merchantile, 1 School

11 Wire calls, 2 Vehicles, 2 Brush, 2 Trash,15 Vehicle Accidents, 6 Gas Leaks inside, 1 Assist to Police, 21 Assist to EMS, 33 Accidental Alarms

4 Miscellaneous, 6 CO Alarms, 9 Gas Leaks Outside.

Members Responding To Alarms, 999, Fire Police Responding 124.

1 Firefighter Injured, 2 Civilians Injured

Property Damage fore the year $192,600, Contgents $203,000,  Total Damage for the year $395,600.



Awards Banquet

Saturday, October 4, 2014 18:00 On Saturday Ocotober 4th 2014, The Folsom Fire Company held it annual awards banquet in the Peter T Maginnis Banquet Hall. The following awards were presented by the Chief, Deputy Chief, President and Mrs Kathy Blackburn. The Fire Men of the year award for 2013 present by Chief Joe Carollo, was awarded to Bill Salinsky. The President Award for 2013 present by President Kathy Salmieri, was awarded to Mike McNeely. The Mathew Salmieri Memorial Award for 2013 present by Ben and Kathy Salmieri was awarded to Joe Steinbacher. The Burt "Blackie" Blackburn Memorial Award for 2013 present by Kathy Blackburn was present to Joe Carollo. OTHER AWARDS 10 TEN RESPONDERS FOR 2013 Present by Chief Joe Carollo and Deputy Chief Ben Salmieri: 1. Captain Ed Grosmann 128 calls 2. Chief Joe Carollo 108 calls 3. Deputy Chief Ben Salmieri 91 calls 4. Battalion Chief Ray Gunnip 69 calls 5. Fire Fighter Tom Jenkins 68 calls 6. Fire Fighter Brian Horst 56 calls 7. Fire Fighter Adam Hawkins 55 calls 8. Fire Police Robert Drake 54 calls 9. Chief Engineer Andy Hilferty 54 calls 10. Fire Fighter Jim McAleer 44 calls 11. Fire Police Peter Hinkleman 41 calls The company responded to at total of 173 calls for the year 2013



New Officers for the year 2014

Monday, January 27, 2014  The Following members were elected to office for the year 2014. Chief: Ben Salmieri Deputy Chief: Joe Carollo Battalion Chief: Ed Grossmann President Kathy Salmieri Vice President: Joe Carollo Treasure Joe Steinbacher Secretary: Mike McNeeley Board Of Directors: Joe Carollo Ed Grossmann Joe Steinbacher Andy Hilfety Bill Urian Tom Jenkins



2013 Yearly Report

Monday, January 27, 2014  The Folsom Fire Company 2013 Yearly report is as follows: The company responded to a total of 173 Calls there were 92 day calls and 81 night calls, the company was in service for 91 hours and 57 minutes. Break down of call are 23 House fires, 12 Apartment fires, 15 Merchantile fires, 4 Cover up calls, 1 Shed, 1 wire call, 2 Investigation calls, 1 Vehicle fire, `1 Brush fire, 13 Vehicle Accident calls, 9 Gas Leak in building calls,1 Industrial incident, 1 Hazmat incident,3 Assist to Police calls, 19 Assist EMS calls, 1 Miscellaneous call, 43 Accidental Alarms calls,5 CO calls and 4 Gas Leak outside the building calls. 1 Firefighter injured, Damage for the year:$250,600.00 Contents $75,000.00 Vehicles $9,000.00 for a total yearly lost of $334,500.00



Building FireHolmes Fire Co Local

Wednesday, January 8, 2014 10:51 On January 8th, 2014 station 18 Folsom Fire Co was dispatched to assist Co 43, Holmes Fire Co on a building fire at 2600 E Macdade Blvd. Upon arrival of Eng 18, the company was ordered to stand by at Winona and MacDade. The company was in service for 25 minutes under the command of Chief Ben Salmieri



Assist Ridley EMS Co 18's Local

Thursday, April 4, 2013 17:45 On Thursday April 4th 2013 at 17:45 Hrs, Compay 18 Folsom Fire Co did assist Ridley EMS at 401 Sylvania Ave in Folsom for lifting assistance.  The company was inservice for 30 minutes under the command of Chief Joe Carollo.



Building Fire Co 49 Milmont Fire Co Local

Thursday, December 15, 2011  On Sunday December 11th 2011, at 1314 hrs, Folsom Fire Co did assist Co 49 Milmont Fire Co on a building fire at 120 W Macdade Blvd.  Upon the arrival of Co 18 Folsom, began ventalation of the 1st floor of the building. The company was in service for 35 minutes.OIC was Chief Joe Carollo



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